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ISO 9001:2008
Certificate # Q10-113
       Grow More Int'l (PVT.) Ltd.


   Grow More Int’l Pvt. Ltd. Has over the years experience in the filed services forAgro Chemicals
   & distribution of most technological advanced agricultural products. During our past experience
   we have researched on several pest problems  with the  direct  information from the farm. The
   multinational companies / manufacturers of  Agro Chemicals  in Pakistan  involved with  us  has
   earned great opportunities to increase their sales as well as to get fresh information of  grower
   problems specially of cotton crops.  
    General Activities:
   Or highly technical staff with sincere devotion and accepts the challenging problems to protect
   the farmers from pest problems as well as the health and safety of those who use our products.
   We firmly believe that it is only through quality of  our services, relationship with the end  users 
   and business practice through which we can earn  respect  as  a  company  that  conducts  its 
   business in a responsible manner.
   After having vast experience of more than twenty years in the field of Agro Chemicals  with the
   collaboration of Multinational companies, we establish a firm Grow More Int’l Pvt. Ltd.Engaged in
   the development and marketing of crop protection and plant enhancement products in  Pakistan 
   with the future  hopes  to  enhance  our  field  of  specialization  towards  Pesticide,  Wedicide, 
   Fungicide, Fertilizer, Seeds, Micro–nutrients and Agricultural / Farm Machinery. Our management
   comprises of highly qualified, experienced and devoted professional.