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       Completed Projects
Electrical Projects
S.No   Clients   Description
Water & Power Development Authority
  • Electrification of 450 MW Power project   and   residential    colony, Guddu-Kashmore.
  • Electrification of colony at Thermal Power Station, Guddu.
  • Providing, installation, testing and commissioning of generators set for temporary facilities at Coal Power Plant, Lakhra,  Dadu.
  • Electrical job at Thermal Power station, Guddu.
  • Providing, fixing and manufacturing of fixtures  and   carry   out   all electrical job   of   Russian   unit   of   210  MW Including laying of cabling for Boiler, Turbine hall,  All Auxiliary  buildings, Switchyard, Outdoor lighting etc. at Thermal Power Station, Guddu.
  • Electrical Low Transmission job   of 200 Nos.  housing  unit  at Thermal Power  Station, Guddu.
  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of generators set including cabling, Switch gears etc. for external facilities for erection yard at Thermal Power Station,  Guddu.
  • Providing and installation of fire alarm system 450 MW and Administration    building, Thermal Power Station,  Guddu.
  • Illumination and Electrification of Turbine Hall, Auxiliary building for units No. 1, 2 & 3 (3 x 210 MW).
  • Electrification of Ware house 06 Nos. at TPS, Jamshoro, WAPDA
  • Electrical distribution system for pipeline for TPS, Jamshoro
  • Modification of Boiler 210 MW x 1 No., unit No. 2, TPS, Guddu
  • Electrification, switch gear instrumentation, Laying of cables for cooling tower, pumping stations 110 x 2 unit, Czech made, TPS, Guddu
  • Providing, laying of cable distribution network for erection yard area, TPS, Guddu.
  • Providing lighting system for 220 KV switchyard TPS, Guddu
  • Providing lighting system for oil decanting area for oil storage tanks, Guddu.
  • Providing street light network 600 MW CCCP, Guddu.
  • Providing street light network for 1000 houses residential colony TPS, Guddu.
  • Providing street light network for 720 Houses residential units at TPS colony, Jamshoro.
  • Providing lighting complete housing wiring including HT and LT lines for 200 houses at residential colony Guddu.
  • Providing HT and LT lines for 180 houses at TPS, Guddu.
  • Providing and laying by pass system for 6 KV lines at TPS Guddu.
  • Providing distribution system for 300 MW CMEC, China Unit No. 4 TPS, Muzaffargarh.
  • Providing road lighting including cabling for 320 MW CMEC, China unit No.. 4 TPS, Muzaffargarh.
  • Providing road lighting including cabling for unit No. 1, 2 & 3 (3 X 210 MW) Technoproexport, Russia, TPS, Muzaffargarh.
  • Providing electrical lighting distribution system for residential units auxiliary building, Mosque, Club, Shopping Centre, Schools and Rest House for TPS, Muzaffargarh
Civil Aviation Authority – (CAA)

CP System Construction of New Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad.

Package 6: Hydrant Refueling System
PSO – Pakistan State Oil Company Limited

Supply and Installation of Equipment for Electrical & Instrumentation works for Fuel Farm Facilities at New Lahore International Air Port

Construction of Re-Vamp Project for Lube Oil Facilities, the Job Consist of Electrical Job, etc. on EPC basis for PSO at Korangi near National Refinery Limited, Karachi.
ENGRO Chemical Pakistan
Electrical  Works for Environment Improvement Project at plant site Daharki
Huawei Technologies Ltd China

Laying of Fiber Optic Cables including the activity of splicing and termination, with all safety measure coatings for PTCL between various Telephone Exchanges in regions of Karachi.

Lakhara Power Generation Company Limited. Replacement of 382 Nos. of  In Bed Generation Tubes for Boiler No. 1,2,3 @ 150 MW FBC Power Station Lakhara.
Pakistan Power Resources, LLC -USA

Erection and Installation work of 136 MW Bhikki Gas Turbine Power Plant Project, B-424, including all Civil Work.

National Refinery Limited

Electrical (Lighting, Earthing and installation of Distribution pannels etc) and Cathodic Protection System for 06 Nos. Storage Tanks at NRL.

Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited

Electrical Design and Construction Works for Fire Fighting and ESD System at JJVL Jamshoro Extraction Plant.

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