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constructors pakistan, karachi
constructors pakistan
constructors pakistan



ISO 9001:2008
Certificate # Q10-113

       Al-Tariq Traders
ATT is a team of  well organized  engineers  and  professional experts  to  fulfill  the
demands and solve the industrial requirement either in terms of products or services.
As a part of ATL Group  of  Companies,  ATT play a role  of  value  added  customer
services  and  quick  problem  resolution  to  availability  of  product  and  accurate
deliveries to strategic branding and requirement of Project. And it’s exactly what ATL
are seeking from building  material vendors.  “Selecting vendors - it’s not  just  price
anymore,  “ATT is a very  firm believer in  value-added  services  from  our  vendors,
especially as we continue to strive for more customer service ourselves.”
With strong  construction  activity of ATL  across many  sectors,  including  National
Production  Building,  Industrial  Complexes,  Custom  Homes  and  remodeling,   ATT
focuses on customer services, precision, and fulfillment are looking upstream to their
building product manufacturers and vendors for assistance and partnership strategies
to set them apart.